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About Stephen Foster

Coaching, consulting and developing people/organizations into all that God desires them to be has been Steve’s passion for many years. He believes very strongly in having mentors and mentoring others. This has been demonstrated as he served with camps, churches, and businesses.

He has worked in almost every position in camp ministry from working as dishwasher through to being Chairman of the board as well as sitting on a provincial camping association board. He has served in camps in several provinces as well as in Russia.

Steve has over 30 year of experience serving on non-profit boards both large and small. He provides leadership and ideas to make boards run both efficiently and effectively. He understands governance models and the progression of organizations as they grow.

His coaching and consulting of start up businesses or problem solving in business so they can grow comes from his experience of starting several businesses himself. He brings solutions to the table from a variety of industries that may not have been thought about.

Steve not only has a pastors heart, especially for leaders, he also ministered as associate pastor of a church for 11 years. He then went on to be a mission consultant for 80 churches and 45 missionaries. He has provided leadership to several Short-term mission trips as well.

If you desire to advance and maximize your potential as a leader, business, or non-profit organization, contact Stephen Foster and explore the possibilities!

About Corina Finlay

Corina’s passion is for individuals, ministries and businesses to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose has been demonstrated in her over 20 years of progressive community leadership.

Her early days in Banff National Park working for Parks Canada began her journey in a broader community role as prepared the ground for partnerships between the private sector and government.  It was there she discovered what could take place as Kingdom practices were established.

The past 10 years Corina has worked primarily with Christian Schools & non-profit ministries in the area of Fund Development, Event Planning & Management, coordinating volunteer support as well as working to bring support to the less fortunate.  She has served on boards and several leadership teams for a variety of ministries and brings with her a vision for possibilities according to the heart of God.

Corina is a gifted communicator; bringing insightful, humorous accounts and lives her passion through equipping the saints whether in a brief one-on-one conversation or speaking to a room full of people.

If your desire is to grow personally, or have your ministry or business working to its fullest capacity then call us at Kingdom Building – our heart is to see you Thrive and your destiny fulfilled.

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