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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to my blogs that focus on helping Non-profit boards and leaders of all ages advance and maximize their potential. We will talk about difficult challenges leaders have to walk through to simple positive steps that you can take that will take you and your leadership to the next level.

Non Profit Boards

Over the last 35 plus years I have been on many different non-profit boards as well as provided coaching and consulting and seminars to many boards. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! One thing I have found true is that if you have a healthy board you are more likely to have a health organization. Of course the opposite is true as well. An unhealthy board will result in an unhealthy organization. This is why I want to see boards be healthy, advancing and maximizing their potential.

Coaching Leaders

Not only did I observe as an early child how my father led as a principal of an elementary school and led the start of a church, but he also provided me with opportunities to grow in my leadership abilities. I have had several men, including my father, who mentored me in leadership. As the years have gone by, and they have passed on, I have realized the significant gift they have given me. It has been my privilege to mentor and coach other leaders from 18 to 78 years of age towards advancing and maximize their potential.

Learn Together

My mother used to say that I was easy to discipline as a child as I observed what happened to my older siblings and made sure I did what was right. Today I enjoy observing other leaders and learning from them. Yes, even as I am coaching leaders I pick up new and helpful ideas/tools. Join me as we cover leadership issues through these blogs!

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