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Coaching is used to advance and maximize a leader’s life in a variety of ways whether that be personal, business, or ministry. A good coach asks questions that will guide the participant to be able to increase their effectiveness and make wise decisions.


There are times when a person needs to be able to confidentially talk through issues. A coach can act as a sounding board clarifying options, advantages/disadvantages, and benefits/cautions. Once a decision is made, a coach can help keep the participant accountable to their decisions as well as guide in ongoing evaluating and reviewing.  The frequency of coaching sessions is always left up to the client. For some they request a one off session while others set regular sessions weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


We provide coaching for young leaders in their twenties, all the way through to seasoned leaders in their seventies.  

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Consulting is used to advance and maximize organizations ability to fulfill their mandate. Boards request consulting to guide them through the process of resolving issues, planning for the future, or improving their effectiveness. Some examples are, creating an evaluation strategy for their senior staff, developing a remuneration strategy for their senior staff, preparing to hire a senior staff member, developing guiding statements (Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values), and working through specific problems.


There are times when boards need outside guidance and experience to work through challenging and sensitive issues.  For other boards, they appreciate being able to have us available to answer simple questions that come up.


We provide consulting to churches and non-profit organizations.

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Seminars are used to provide focused training to both individuals and groups such as boards and executive teams.  Those boards and executive teams that learn together implement the material much more quickly. Topics may include, “What is my responsibility as a board member?”, What organization statements should we have?”, “How do we use our organization statements?, “How to develop partners instead of donors”, and “Board evaluation strategy for senior staff.” 


We provide seminars both in person and on zoom. They are custom designed for individual organizations, based on their needs and requirements.  For some organizations one well targeted seminar is all they need and want.  For others, they may prefer to do a series of seminars over an extended time period.  Boards have also found it helpful to put on a weekend retreat and have us lead them through key sessions.


For individuals who are responsible to raise their own support, we have a series of seminars that will guide you through the process of being successful.

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