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Kingdom Building

Kingdom building


Serving leaders, businesses, and non-profits in advancing and maximizing their potential.



Kingdom Building is designed to serve alongside leaders, businesses and non-profit organizations who desire to advance and maximize their potential for the Kingdom of God. Coaching, consulting and developing people or organizations into all that God desires them to be has been Steve’s passion for many years. Steve has over three decades of experience serving on large and small nonprofit boards. He provides leadership and ideas to make boards run both efficiently and effectively through his understanding of governance models and the progression of organizations.

Relationship Builder

The Table

Proven ways for you and and your non-profit board to save time, make solid decisions and enjoy meetings.

The table

Steve Foster's book will give you simple, practical, and dynamic ideas to make you and your board meetings efficient, effective and enjoyable. There are time-saving tools, quality decision-making mechanisms, and exercises to increase the satisfaction of your board work.

Each chapter has been designed with a stand-alone solution that can be implemented on its own or in conjunction with other chapters.

By adopting the ideas in The Table, boards have reduced the length of their meetings, made wiser decisions, and increased their enjoyment of serving with each other.


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roger beck

Roger Beck
Realtor / RE/MAX of Nanaimo

I have worked with Steve Foster for the past 10 years in different areas of my business and personal life. Steve has been a great resource for me and I appreciate his ideas and vision for my business while also keeping me accountable with my spiritual life. I would recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to grow their life or business in any aspect.

don orr

Don Orr
Lead Pastor / C&MA

Working with Stephen, I have always been impressed with his focus on developing win-win solutions. He thinks outside of the box and challenges me to do the same. As a coach (and as a friend) I have always left our conversations feeling encouraged and ready to face the next chapter with confidence.

samuel drouin

Samuel Drouin
BC Campus Ministries

I was unsure of even the idea of a coach at first, but I thought I would give it a try as I wanted all the help I could get in order to succeed. I must say, Steve has had the biggest impact in my ministry. He played a major role in helping us achieve the success we are now experiencing. Working with Steve was the most amazing, helpful, encouraging, and empowering coaching experience I could have ever hoped for.


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